Airport projects

Over the years, Rory J Holbrook Ltd has carried out a large number of Airport and Carriageway resurfacing contracts for numerous clients.

Due to our fleet size, versatility and attention to customer service we have developed strong relationships, which have allowed us to be taken from contract to contract going from island to island. We have a history which stretches over 15 years in contract haulage and we carried out contracts with and for Lafarge Contracting, Colas, Fitzpatrick Contracting, Morgan Est. name a few. These contracts included Isle of Man, Edinburgh, Jersey, East Midlands, Kirkwall, Falklands, Stanstead, Heathrow and Manchester airports.


Working alongside Lafarge Contractors on the rennovation of the runways for BAA.

This project had three essential elements:

Jersey Airport

Worked with Colas on the rennovation of the main runway.

At Jersey Airport we were contracted by Colas on a major programme of essential work to resurface and strengthen its runway, which had reached the end of its useful life.

The work, which was carried out at night commenced September 2008 and finished April 2009. The work involved re-profiling, resurfacing and strengthening of the runway to smooth out the high and low points as well as upgrading the runway lighting.

Isle of Man Airport

Our fleet supplied the haulage to Colas for the rennovation work on this airport.

The runway surface replacement was carried between July and September 2008. The work was carried out at night and involved laying 20 thousand tonnes of Asphalt.