Aggregate Supplies

In line with the Government wrap protocol, we here at Rory J Holbrook aim to provide a sustainable source of materials recycled from all wastes collected, where possible, producing topsoils, crushed materials and fill.


Q. I only need a small load, is that possible?

A. We can deliver loads from 1 Tonne to 30 Tonnes.

Q. How do I know how much I need?

A. Given the dimensions of the area you wish to fill, our staff are able to tell you the tonnage you require.

Q. What area do you cover with your haulage?

A. As can be seen from our examples of past projects from 2008, we work across the length and breadth of the UK and beyond.

Q. Can you arrange everything for me?

Aggregate Supplies
10mm Ballast
10mm Primary Shingle
20mm Ballast
20mm Primary Shingle
40mm Primary Shingle
Type 1 Granite
Road Planings
Type 1 Crushed Concrete
Crushed Hardcore
Screened Fill Sand
As Raised Fill Sand
Soft stand
Sharp sand
Sillica Sand

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