Unloading material supplies through rail infrastructure to grab lorry


Importing over 7,000 tonnes of material into the region each week

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Material handler unloading type 1 train to remove cargo

Strategic Locations

With the railhead locations situated in strategic areas throughout East Anglia we can minimize the disruption caused by unavailability of aggregate supply. Not only does this ability allow us to fulfill the industry demand for primary aggregates, but it also ensures the materials being distributed are always of a high quality and correct specification for the customer’s needs.

With the use of railheads enabling us to transport 1,800 tonnes of material from either end of the country in one movement and simultaneously remove 90 individual HGV movements off British roads. We believe that rail is the sustainable future for the aggregate transport industry, and we will lead the way.

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Material handler unloading type 1 train to remove cargo

Extensive Supply Chain

Part of ensuring we are always able to fulfill our customers supply chain needs is our ability to facilitate the supply of aggregates regardless of the type or quantity required while maintaining our prestigious reputation and competitive rates.

With aggregates being a naturally occurring material the availability can be unpredictable and detrimental to the supply chain and construction environment. In order to overcome this industry challenge and always maintain aggregate supply we continuously invest in our own railheads to supply large quantities of all materials at a fast, reliable and environmentally conscious way.

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