Non tipping conveyor floor body on display

Non Tipping Conveyor Floor Hire

Our non-tipping trailer innovation improves the process of emptying the load.

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Non Tipping Conveyor Floor Hire

Working alongside Fruehauf trailers, we have now developed a non-tipping trailer and body suitable for the industry we work in. Different to a conventional tipper, this works with a high powered conveyor belt along the bottom of the body. The whole loading experience is the same as well as the payload, however when it comes time to emptying the load, this is where we see the difference.

The driver would arrive on site, (using the remote for the system that can control the whole operation from in the cab if needed) ,the automatic tailboard will open, the driver will then start up the belt via the remote. As the belt begins to move, the material will then begin to discharge from the lorry until the whole load has been discharged, within minutes meaning there will be no hold up on busy sites.

Non Tipping Conveyor Floor Capabilities

Non tipping conveyor floor body lorry using belt to unload materials

There are many positives of this type of our non-tipping conveyor floor body:

  • Discharge on any surface and in any weather conditions, whereas
    with a normal tipper operations may have to come to a hold.

  • Can discharge on sites with overhead obstacles.

  • Belt rated to 250 degrees Celsius so suitable for hot asphalt

  • Suitable for carrying all kind of aggregates

  • Discharges load in two minutes, meaning no hold up on sites

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