Health and Safety

Rory J Holbrook Ltd recognises that our people are our most valuable asset and that the provision of a safe and healthy working environment is essential to successful business performance and sustained growth. This is reinforced through our extensive occupational health provision and health and safety training programmes run throughout the year. We are constantly aiming to continually improve our health and safety management schemes.

Most recently we have been awarded Cemex UK’s, ‘Certificate of Recognition’ for the outstanding commitment to workplace safety, and driver and health wellbeing, Beyond the normal scope of operational requirements. Showing how dedicated Rory J Holbrook Ltd are in the practise of health and safety in the workplace.

Please see below for a downloadable version of our health and safety policy.


Rory J Holbrook Ltd understand that our operations will have varying impacts on the environment, however by putting sustainability first, we can reduce our impact on the environment, also reduce costs for our ever growing customer base. We manage this through our Environmental Management System. This is a process we follow which ensures we achieve all legislative compliance and which also monitors and tracks every aspect of our business to make sure we are operating at the highest sustainable level.


Rory J Holbrook Ltd realises the effects and impacts its activities can have on local communities and environments in the execution of its daily activities.

It is our policy to maximise the usage of varying types of transport where possible to minimize the effects on the environment, for example rail where available. Our proven transport strategy significantly reduces emissions using the lower impact bulk transport methods.

Rory J Holbrook Ltd modern fleet of vehicles are on average under 5 years old and are constantly being replaced in order to ensure the operation of modern clean and fuel-efficient vehicles. Over 50% of the fleet meets Euro IV or higher standards, with the majority of the remaining fleet exceeding Euro V standards.

Throughout our aggregates network, we plan and aim to assist carefully to ensure a healthy balance between the use of raw primary materials and protecting the environment by the increased use of recycled materials, such as Type 1 Crushed Concrete and 6f2 Crushed Hardcore. As well as the supply of this material we operate several recycling centres where this material is produced, making it readily available for our customers.