RJH and MDiG - Protecting Sites from External Noise

Mdig vehicle

Date: 10 February 2022

Source: www.leica-geosystems.com

In late 2021, RJH were contracted to construct a noise bund at the recycling centre at RAF Lakenheath, a Royal Air Force station near the village of Lakenheath in Suffolk, United Kingdom. The engineering project is scheduled to be completed over the next 25 years to reduce the noise levels on the recycling centre site that have been generated by the base and the nearby Eriswell Gun Club. The bund is being constructed using 2.2million cubic meters of material, and is currently three years into the construction process.

Critical work processes

When these bunds are constructed, it is of vital importance that they built in completely level layers, thus ensuring that the bund is accessible to plant machinery all year round. If the layers are not built level, it runs the risk of the structure being compromised and safety issues would arise for the staff working on the site. Building in level layers also ensures that the project remains on schedule and work is completed in a far more efficient manner. To overcome these challenges, RJH contacted MDiG to arrange the rental of their plant machinery fitted with machine control technology from Leica Geosystems.

Other companies were considered for the tender, but the 12-week lead time made MDiG and Leica Geosystems the best choice to become construction partners to RJH.

Machine control software for your construction site

To support the digitisation of the heavy construction industry, MDiG installed Leica Geosystems MC1 machine control solutions onto their plant machinery. A revolutionising software platform for all machine control solutions and applications, Leica MC1 is the one-for-all software solution platform to guide and automate all heavy construction machines.Comparing the design model to the actual position of the machine's cutting edge, such as the bucket or blade edge, MC1 machine control software assisted the operators from MDiG and RJH to position the machine to achieve the planned design. MC1 software automatically controlled the position of the machine's cutting edge, increasing efficiency for the operators on the construction site.Leica MC1 is carried by the rugged hardware platform, the Leica MCP80 panel and MDS Series docking station, ensuring an interchangeable panel between machines on a job site.

The new MC1 platform is fully integrated into the heavy construction workflow, supported by the cloud-based Leica ConX productivity platform for more efficient management of heavy construction projects. MC1 software simplified the design data handling and is open to all standard design data types, enabling a flexible dataflow to support common workflows on a job site. All machinery on the construction site, as well as Leica Geosystems' field solution iCON site, are now running on the same design data structure, meaning that no data conversion is required.

Furthermore, a seamless data transfer between machines, field units within the job site and office are guaranteed. Consistency in software design throughout all heavy machine control applications reduced training efforts and optimised the learning curve of the operatros. The same software platform is used with different sensor configurations, which improves scalability and training. Furthermore, installers benefited from simplified installation and service processes.

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